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What animal is your favourite? - Asked By Joe (10)

A Crocodile is my favourite animal, because Crocodile’s lived way before dinosaurs.

How old was you when you owned your 1st snake? - Asked By Leanne (13)
I owned my 1st snake when I was 6 years old it was garter snake, his name was Sid.

What is your largest snake and what type of snake is it ? - Asked By Philip (7)
The largest snake I own is an albino Burmese python and she is 12ft long, her name is Carol.

What is your favourite snake? - Asked By Paul (9)
My favourite snake is a jungle carpet python, they are green, yellow and brown and are from Australia.

How many Lizards do you own? - Asked By Kelly (8)
I own 6 lizards altogether, a bearded dragon, a blue tongue skink, 2 frill neck dragon lizards and 2 Sudan plated lizards.

Where do you get your animals from? - Asked By Daniel (14)
All my animals are rescued animals from homes where people are no longer able to look after them.

Do you own any venomous animals? - Asked By Tim (10)

What do snakes eat? - Asked By Amanda (6)
Depending on the size of the snake they eat anything from  very small mice to a very large rabbit.

How often does a snake need to eat? - Asked By Caroline (9)
Snakes can last for months and months without eating, I feed my snakes every 3-4 weeks.

What do your lizards eat? - Asked By Ian (11)
My lizards eat salad, mealworms, cricket and locusts.

Why do you visit schools? - Asked By Keryn (10)
I visit school to teach children about animals, how to look after them and how to look after and respect  their environment.

How long is Carol the snake ? Asked By Katherine Jean (13)
Carol my Albino Burmese Python Is 12ft long

Are there animals that you are scared of or dislike ? Asked By Daniel (13)

I love all different kind of animals, there are no animals that scare me, if I am unsure of any animals then I just respect them by staying away from them.


I have a corn snake and he is only 2ft long, how long do corn snakes grow ? Asked By Beth (16)

Corn snakes can grow up to 5ft on average, however, one of my corn snakes is nearly 6ft, she is the biggest corn snake I have ever seen !!!

How much do you charge to come to private school cause the kids would love to see you ?? Asked By Bobby Lu (46)
The price range depends on the number of animals you would like Crocodile Joe to bring and also the length of time you require Crocodile Joe to spend with the children... we usually recommend a full day at a school, with the main presentation before lunch and then the smaller group sessions after lunch - we have found in the past that time is restricted due to the lunch break and it`s a rush to fit everything in just a morning or afternoon session, although it is achievable if budget and time are limited.  Please complete our on line booking form and a member of our team will contact you. or contact Melissa on 07814 691 735